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 The painted octopus from before has gone 3 dimensional.  His arms wrap around the back of the mug.
It's a sloth!!!!!  and a mug.

 These cups are each unique.  They are hand painted with under glaze and then glazed clear. 

 These mugs were inspired by tree trunks.  There is a bark texture and each one has a knot hole. There are new larger mugs.  The large mugs holds about 16oz and the smaller ones hold about 8oz.  Coffee mugs versus hot chocolate mugs.
 These cups are thrown on the wheel and then altered to make them fit in your hand.  Each mug is pressed in in three places to cause the mug to form an organic shape.  The rim is then rounded again to make it comfortable to drink from.
 There is now a pitcher to accompany the squish cups.  Now you can have iced tea or lemonade in a matching pitcher for your cups.  The pitcher shares the same organic form as the cups.
 These cups are tumbler size.  I drink bourbon out of them but they are good for orange juice and water too.
 These cups would make a beautiful wine glasses.