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Plates and Platters

 This plate is huge.  Well huge for being an imprint of a leaf.  It is at least 12" across and the veins came out beautifully.  I have a very limited supply as the tree takes a while to make leaves this big.
 These plates are inspired by a plant in my backyard. It has red leaves and they grown much like they are positioned on the stalks here.  I took leaves from that plant and impressed them into the clay here the leaves are.  

 This is the largest of these plates.  The sycamore tree in my yard has leaves the size of dinner plates.  There are smaller dessert or salad plates too.  I press the leaves into the clay and then form the clay into a gently curved plate.
 Thrown dessert/salad plates.  These are simple 6" plates.  The glaze brings out the throwing ring.